Why Did A.J. Brown Get Trade?

Why Did A.J. Brown Get Trade?

Why did AJ Brown get traded

A.J. Brown is the face of the Tennessee Titans and they just traded him to the Philadelphia Eagles for two picks in the NFL draft. The Titans ideally would have kept Brown in Nashville, but Brown has leverage. Adams, on the other hand, wants to play with Derek Carr. As a result, the Titans had to make a decision. Now, the question is why did they do it?

The Titans reportedly were unable to meet Brown’s contract demands, as he is one of the top ten wide receivers in the NFL. After all, the Eagles gave him a $100-million contract over four years, including $57 million guaranteed. Although this contract isn’t ideal in the salary cap game, it is worth noting that Brown can be a difference-maker.

While Vrabel said that the decision was not a “spur of the moment” decision, the social media posts by Brown and his recent Twitter posts hinted that there was a growing divide between him and the Titans. It’s worth noting that when Vrabel was still the Titans’ head coach, he said that he and Robinson were on the same page. Despite his apparent dissatisfaction, the Titans went to great lengths to keep Brown.

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