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Where Was Michael Strahan? Here’s What the ‘GMA’ Star Said When He Returned

Where Was Michael Strahan Here is What the GMA Star Said When He Returned

Whether you watched the ‘Good Morning America’ reboot or are just curious about the news, you might be wondering: Where was Michael Strahan? Here’s What the ‘GMA’ Star Said When He Returned

You might have noticed that the ‘GMA’ star has been MIA since March 23. Fans have been wondering about him for days. While the ‘GMA’ star did share that he’d been spending time with his family and friends in Miami, he didn’t elaborate on his absence. Instead, he took to Instagram and posted a photo of his home and a fun message for his fans.

Although Michael Strahan was missing from ‘GMA’ for months, his Instagram Reel has resurfaced, so we’re curious what else he’s been up to. He’s a successful businessman. He has his clothing line, MSX by Michael Strahan, available at many retailers. And he’s also an executive producer for the feel-good medical procedural, “The Resident.”

The retired NFL player has been busy with his new ventures. He hosts the $100,000 Pyramid, provides analytical insight for Fox’s NFL coverage, and stars in the new ESPN+ series, More Than an Athlete. Despite all of this, Strahan still makes time for his beloved ‘GMA’ show. He also shares a throwback photo from his days as a player. Back then, he looked a bit different and was wearing a t-shirt and sunglasses. The picture shows the bulky frame that he developed in the NFL. In the photo, he’s standing next to fellow NFL player Bruce Smith.

The ‘GMA’ cast was a little surprised to see Strahan return after a COVID-19 test result. But his return to the show made his co-hosts and George Stephanopoulos welcome him back with open arms. Meanwhile, Cameron Diaz posted a make-up-free selfie-and joined the cast of ‘The Real World’.

In 2013, Michael Strahan was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He continues to champion youth and community development. Michael Strahan began his career with the New York Giants. In his final season, he won the Super Bowl. Later, he became a popular television personality, co-hosting Good Morning America and Live! With Kelly and Michael. He was also the recipient of two Daytime Emmy Awards.

A new television series is set to premiere on ABC. Michael Strahan will executive produce a show called NFL Player to Medicine, based on real-life stories of former players who re-entered the medical field. In the first episode of the show, Strahan portrayed New York Jets guard Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, a medical student at CHSLD Gertrude-Lafrance during the COVID-19 pandemic. The documentary was filmed by TSN.

During his time away from television, Strahan was on a space flight. His rocket, the New Shepard, is scheduled to launch at 9:45 a.m. ET on December 9. He was joined by Laura Shepard Churchley, the daughter of former astronaut Alan Shepard. The rocket company, Blue Origin, has been operating since 2012 and was able to fill all six seats aboard the New Shepard capsule. While the flight was dark, Strahan commented on the experience.

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  1. You are a beast , Loved watching you play ball , I grew up in Houston , Used to ride my bike to the old Houston Oilers practice field , Miss the old days , I used to cut Kenny Burrows, Billy, White Shoes Johnsons yards ,also Quarter back , Pasturinni ,I’m am old now but never change anything I did back then, Kid’s. could be kids back then , No gangs ,All parents asked is you be home before the street lights come on ,

  2. Michael Strahan is very nice to strangers. Met him at a airport several years ago. I was lost and he offered to help me find the correct flight. There are a few nice strangers in this world after all!


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