What is Terry Bradshaw’s Problem?

What is Terry Bradshaw’s Problem?

Since the start of last season, Terry Bradshaw has been absent from the Fox Sports show, and his replacement has been Jimmy Johnson. But he was in the news recently after undergoing knee surgery and apologizing to his fans and team for his absence. Bradshaw had a run-in with racist critics and apologized for calling Steelers quarterback Mike Tomlin a cheerleader. But the real reason for his absence is still unclear.

During his third divorce, Terry Bradshaw sought counseling and was diagnosed with depression. He was prescribed anti-depressants and began talking publicly about his condition in May. Bradshaw was the first quarterback to be drafted in the 1970 NFL draft. He struggled initially as a pro but went on to lead the Steelers to eight AFC Central titles and two Super Bowls, earning MVP honors in each game. His depression, however, was a longtime problem that he was able to openly discuss.

One of his most troubling symptoms is short-term memory loss. His anxiety attacks have become more frequent and more intense. His symptoms are often worse after a game. His recent divorce acted as a catalyst, causing him to lose weight, experience sleeping disorders, and cry constantly. He was later diagnosed with clinical depression. In addition to the problems with his memory, Bradshaw also suffers from anxiety and depression.

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