Why Does Trae Young Wear 11?

Why Does Trae Young Wear 11?

Why does Trae Young wear 11

You may be wondering: Why does Trae Young wear 11? He’s an outstanding point guard, but do you know why he wears that number? Young is one of the most outspoken players in the NBA, giving candid answers to every question he’s asked. This article will give you an insight into why Trae wears 11 regularly, and the history behind the number. You’ll be surprised to know that the number has a history and that you can learn a lot about Trae Young’s career.

In honor of Kobe Bryant, NBA players have been paying tribute to the fallen star. The Atlanta Hawks guard, who usually wears the No. 11 jersey, wore Bryant’s No. 8 jersey against the Washington Wizards, a tribute to the late basketball player. The elated Young even sat on the ball for eight seconds during the game in honor of the late Kobe Bryant. Young was given a violation for sitting on the ball but managed to nudge it up with a half-court shot in honor of Bryant.

Bryant brought his daughter Gianna to two of Young’s games this season. He told her that Young was her favorite player to watch. Young purposely took a time violation after tip-off, and the Wizards drew a 24-second timeout. After the game, Young switched back to his usual No. 11 jersey and had a breakout playoff season. In the first four games of the playoffs, Young failed to put up a good performance. His nine-point output on 11 attempts topped a mere minus-27 in the 24-point loss.

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